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Ingersoll Paper Box is a fourth generation run family company located in the heart of Ingersoll Ontario. It began as an ice cream cone company in 1922 and is now a modern 85000 sq.ft facility producing the highest quality folding cartons backed by exceptional personalized service. From standard design to customized solutions, top of the line software, printing, die cutting and a wide variety of finishing and creative solutions.


A black and white archival photo of the original Ingersoll Cone and Paper Box factory, marking the humble beginnings of the company that would become a trusted name in the paper box industry.

Ingersoll Cone and Paper Box is how it all started. The company made ice cream cones and the cones needed boxes. As a partner and general manager, Robert Skinner considered everybody to be family – he trusted his employees and they trusted him. It was an unusual but successful management style back then and over the years, that level of trust grew to embrace suppliers and customers. The ice cream cone operations were eventually sold and the company name changed to Ingersoll Paper Box.


Historic group photo of Ronald Skinner with his team outside the Ingersoll Paper Box facility, highlighting the collaborative spirit and family-like workforce during the company's early growth in the Canadian market.

Ronald Skinner, the second generation to manage Ingersoll Paper Box, made what would prove to be an important sales call on a new Stratford, Ontario plant that was producing Fram filters for the Canadian market. He made a sale and worked with his customer to reduce costs on Fram cartons.


Photograph of David Skinner, third-generation leader, smiling next to his office chair, symbolizing the continued growth and evolution of Ingersoll Paper Box through family-led management and technological advancements.

David Skinner, the third generation, entered the business. Since then we have seen tremendous growth in business and in the building structure and on-going equipment upgrades.

2016 - present day

Photograph of Sarah Skinner, third-generation leader, smiling next to his office chair, symbolizing the continued growth and evolution of Ingersoll Paper Box through family-led management and technological advancements.

The 1990’s marked the entry of the fourth generation of the Skinner family into the business. In 1994 Sarah Skinner came onboard with our sales, marketing and management teams. John Skinner joined IPB in 1997and now leads our Structural Design Department.

In 2016 Sarah becomes president. Fourth generation leadership continuing to introduce new equipment and technology. We are proud to be the only Canadian female owned paper box company. Business continues to grow with new state of the art equipment, quality control systems, key team members and expanded modern manufacturing and warehousing space.


Aerial view of a lush forest with clouds mingling among the treetops, forming a natural silhouette of a recycling symbol, representing Ingersoll Paper Box's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Passionately dedicated to sustainability, Ingersoll Paper Box prioritizes environmentally friendly packaging solutions. From our inception, sustainable practices have been integral to our business ethos. Emphasizing a commitment to the environment, we offer 100% recycled board and Green Choice paperboard products, working closely with vendors to ensure the availability of the most eco-friendly options for our customers.

Our sustainable initiatives extend beyond paper production.

We craft our own inks in-house, utilizing vegetable-based formulas that eliminate waste and emit no VOCs. With a customized recycling collection system, 99% of our paperboard waste is recycled, avoiding landfill contributions. Equipped with an in-house compactor and baler, all waste is returned to a board mill for reuse.


Quality assurance is the responsibility of every Ingersoll Paper Box employee. We are trained in industry and company controls necessary for products and industry specific requirements. The moment your order is placed to the day it is shipped, everyone at Ingersoll Paper Box is working together to produce the highest quality product. Our quality assurance team keeps constant watch over every detail of an order from start to finish.

FSC + SFI Certified


BRCGS Certified

BRC-Global Standard for Packaging Issue 6

ISO 9001 2015 Certified

ISO 9001:2015

GMI Print Colours Standards

GMI Print Colours Standards

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ECOVADIS Questionnaire Completed

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