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Creative support team

Custom packaging specialists

Its in our Prepress and CAD departments where your packaging project comes to life!

Our design team can provide you with mock-ups and prototypes. The prepress team can produce a digital proof of your packaging that has been “fingerprinted” to our presses to ensure an accurate colour representation of your project. Our printing plates are imaged in house and require no water or harsh chemicals when being produced, making this an extremely environmentally friendly process.

Team collaboration at Ingersoll Paper Box, brainstorming creative packaging solutions with sketches and models.

Structural design

Our structural design team challenges our customers to think about traditional packaging in new ways.

The goal is to design and create innovative solutions using in-depth knowledge of carton engineering with state-of-the-art computerized design software.

A prototype sample allows for testing for fit, form and function.

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Design process for innovative packaging with Ingersoll Paper Box, featuring carton engineering sketches and prototype boxes. Carton engineering by Ingersoll Paper Box, with hand-drawn packaging designs and cardboard prototypes showcasing design innovation.
Technical review of color accuracy on a printed proof, showcasing Ingersoll Paper Box's commitment to detail and quality assurance in design.

Premedia design

Technical reviews are conducted by each department including our press operators to ensure there are no areas of concern with your design.

Digital printed proofs for final approval provided.

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Graphic design

Our graphic designers approach packaging as a dynamic platform for marketing and connecting your product with your buyers.

Use our amazing graphics team to create inspired artwork for you!

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A designer's desk with various packaging models and sketches laid out, demonstrating the creative process of transforming traditional packaging concepts. An explosion of vibrant colors in a dynamic blend, symbolizing the bold creativity and impactful graphic design capabilities our team brings to each project.
A graphic design workstation with an open packaging artwork file on the screen, surrounded by color swatches and design tools, embodying the strategic marketing approach through packaging design.

Why choose us?

One box does not fit all

We bring our customer's packaging visions to life, ensuring the fit, form and function of your package is perfect for your product.


A skilled press operator at Ingersoll Paper Box meticulously oversees a high-capacity printing press in action.


Our cutting-edge, high-capacity printing presses with UV and conventional printing and coating capabilities, provide remarkably consistent results at top speed with a great deal of flexibility.

Our flagship Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 has inline colour control which allows us to achieve the highest standard of colour consistency while running up to 7 colours and at speeds of up to 18000sheets per hour.

Die cutting

Close-up view of a die cutting machine's intricate network of blades and plates, showcasing the precise and efficient blanking technology used to swiftly convert full sheets into individual cartons.

Die cutting

Our two die cutting machines are equipped with blanking technology that allows your project to be cut from full sheets to individual cartons at top speed while eliminating the need for excessive handling between die cutting and finishing which drastically increases throughput.

All the scrap from our die cutters is collected, baled and sent for recycling.


A detailed view of the advanced folder gluer machinery in action at Ingersoll Paper Box, equipped with a state-of-the-art inline quality control system.


In finishing, we have 2 very well-equipped folder gluers. We have an inline quality control system that inspects every carton moving through the machine. Cartons are inspected for board defects, type accuracy, colour variations etc. This guarantees that every carton produced for you has been inspected against your approved pdf and all defects have been eliminated downstream.

Our Bobst Expert fold is fitted with a Braille application system that is also camera inspected for quality assurance. Consistency and accuracy are our top priorities.

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