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Proof is in the package

IPB produces the highest quality custom folding carton solutions. We have a diverse customer base, representing pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, food and beverage, and consumer products. Shipping nationally and internationally.

Ingersoll Paper Box provides industry-leading paper box solutions for pharmaceuticals, ensuring safety, compliance, and branding excellence with efficient production to expedite shelf readiness.


As industry leaders in paper box solutions, we redefine the standards of safety, compliance and branding for pharmaceutical products.

Trust us to meet those tight deadlines fast and efficiently to get your production on the shelf as fast as possible.

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We can help you bring your health and wellness products to new heights with reliable, functional and creative packaging solutions.

Whether you are just starting or want to enhance your shelf presence, we can help.

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Ingersoll Paper Box crafted packaging for COLD-FX Chewable tablets, enhancing shelf presence for health products with creative paper box solutions.
Various health product boxes by Ingersoll Paper Box, designed to elevate wellness brands with functional and reliable packaging. Genuine Health's Healthy Skin and Perfect Skin product boxes, exemplifying Ingersoll Paper Box's support for health and wellness products with innovative packaging solutions.
Milk Jar Candle Co. soy candle packaging by Ingersoll Paper Box, a blend of impactful design and functionality that reinforces brand identity and sustainability. Scrubtastic packaging for Dawn, reflecting Ingersoll Paper Box's commitment to creating versatile and memorable packaging designs.

Consumer + specialty

Packaging plays an important role in branding and on your product's success. We seamlessly marry design and functionality to create packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

With commitment to sustainability and versatility, we offer a diverse range of options that cater to your unique brand identity.

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Danielle O'Connor Jewellery packaging, an embodiment of Ingersoll Paper Box's expertise in crafting elegant and sustainable packaging solutions that make a lasting impression.

Food + beverage

We specialize in all forms of food and beverage packaging of the highest quality and most stringent protective measures.

Our facility is equipped to meet your needs and requirements with materials to keep your products fresh longer.

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Dillon's small batch cocktail bitters trio in custom paper boxes, showcasing Ingersoll Paper Box's quality food and beverage packaging.
NOSUGAR Keto Bars in custom protective paper boxes, reflecting Ingersoll Paper Box's expertise in fresh and stringent food packaging. Elegant paper box packaging for bakery items by Ingersoll Paper Box, designed to preserve the freshness of food products.
Ingersoll Paper Box custom cannabis packaging with THC labels, combining creativity with regulatory compliance for secure and responsible product presentation.


As a leading paper box company we bring a unique blend of creativity and regulatory expertise to the cannabis industry.

Our tailored solutions go beyond esthetics, ensuring your cannabis products are securely, and responsibly packaged.

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Everist beauty product packaging by Ingersoll Paper Box, where artistry meets functionality in cosmetic paper box design with a focus on innovation and premium finishes. Basd glowing skin beauty powder packaging, exemplifying Ingersoll Paper Box's commitment to innovative and artistically designed cosmetic paper boxes.

Cosmetic + health

Merge artistry and functionality with our meticulously designed cosmetic and beauty paper box solutions.

Our commitment to innovation shines through in every detail from chic structural designs to premium finishes.

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ALTILIS beauty packaging, a display of Ingersoll Paper Box's dedication to merging aesthetic appeal with functionality in beauty product paper box solutions.
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